Grape reception
Bodegas La Horra receives the grapes in 12-kg boxes. The bunches will spend one night in the cold storage room and the next day the grapes will go through the sorting table, they are destemmed and go into separate tanks according to their origin.

Each vineyard will ferment separately, making a distinction based on its age. Thus, older vineyards will ferment in French oak vats, and middle-aged vineyards will ferment in stainless steel tanks.

The grapes are cold macerated for two days, with very gentle pumping to begin the extraction of colour and aromatic precursors.

We raise the temperature of each tank to start a spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. During the fermentation process, manual pump-ups or punch-outs are adapted according to the organoleptic profile and the laboratory tests of the day.

Very gentle pump-overs are made to infuse the pasta and try not to make the wines astringent.

Malolactic fermentation
Wines of greater complexity will do malolactic in new or semi-new barrels of 225 liters. The rest of the wines will do this fermentation in French oak vats.

We work with ten of the most important cooperage companies in the world with the aim of making our cask park more complex. We carry out the aging of each wine separately and adapt it to each of the wines, varying between 14 and 16 months of aging.
We mainly use French oak and we include a small percentage of American oak barrels.

As many wines as vineyards are made, keeping the individual character of each of them until the end of the aging. It is important to note that from the moment the grape enters the winery, it is more or less determined what will go to Corimbo (younger vineyards between 20 and 40 years with less concentration and fresher profile) and which grape is destined for Corimbo I (very old vineyards, of great structure and complexity). However, it is not until the blind tasting of each wine when it is finally decided which wines will be part of Corimbo and which of Corimbo I.

Bottle cellar
The bottled wine will rest in the bottle room before going into the market. The intention is that the wines are in a good moment and that in turn they have great storage potential.

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