Bodegas Roda undertakes a new adventure. After a trajectory over twenty years, which has become by its consolidated work of the R&D research, one of the most prestigious wineries in the D.O.Ca Rioja, Roda proposes to exploit the knowledge and experience to diversify in the D.O. Ribera del Duero with Bodegas La Horra. The diversification of the company began in 1999 with the olive oil. Nowadays, Bodegas Roda produces one olive oil plots: Aubocassa in Majorca and it will begin a new phase with a new olive oil from Majorca, L'Amo Aubocassa. The new company will exploit the existing synergies in the R&D research and the commercial distribution of Roda and Aubocassa, products available in 55 countries.

The project begins to work

winery under construction

The project of the new winery wishes to be attuned to today's difficult times, and thus takes two fundamental premises as starting points:

the respect for the environment and the effort in the R&D research.

Sustainability has marked Bodegas RODA's first entry into Ribera.

The company has reached an agreement with various local vine-growers, they own 40 hectares of both old and mature parcels of vines to create a new society in which they will have a 10% stake.

The work of the vineyards is managed in its entirety by the team of Bodegas Roda.


The business model

capsules of CORIMBO bottles

The project of the winery is structured in three phases:

  • It is currently in the initial phase, which will last three years. It shares the technical and human team of Roda, but also the implementation of the new winery has required of new staff recruitment.
  • The second phase will consist in the construction of new buildings for the production process.
  • The third and final phase will focus on the expansion and completion of the installations.

Along with the gradual growth of the company and its facilities, production will also increase. The winery will produce two types of wine.

  • The first vintage, 2008, came on to the market in June 2010, only with the standard wine of the winery, with an initial production of 40.000 bottles.
  • The 2009 vintage, we have reached 90.000 bottles and it is availabe the two wines of the winery.
  • The 2010 vintage will reach 120.000 bottles. In the 2011 vintage is expected to reach 150.000 bottles.

In the following years, the production will be increased in 50.000 bottles per year, expecting to reach 300.000 bottles in the 2014 vintage, when Bodegas La Horra will complete its growth process.


Camino de Anguix s/n · 09311  La Horra, Burgos. España · Teléfono 947 613 963