General view of the vineyards of LA HORRA

The choice of a suitable land for the cultivation of tempranillo and the association with wine-growers of the area, owners of both old and mature parcels of vines, has been the strategy of our winery to guarantee the production of a Ribera with the style which is expected by our customers.

  • The soil in the vineyard of LA HORRA
  • Isidro Palacios, part of the team of Bodegas RODA

The search for the best lands

The team of Bodegas Roda has been during four years investigating throughout Spanish territory which lands were better adapted to the tempranillo production, the variety which is known in depth by the research and technical team of Roda.

The most suitable region was Ribera del Duero and within this D. O. the area of La Horra, in the province of Burgos.

La Horra was chosen, not only because of its long tradition of vine cultivation that it goes back to the pre-Roman times, but because the team of Bodegas Roda concluded that it was the area in which most liked the potential and adaptation of the tempranillo, as well as being one of the most fresh areas of the D. O., a very necessary data to produce the style of wine characteristic of Bodegas Roda.


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