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Photo of some vineyards of Bodegas La Horra. There is a tree on the front and a line of trees at the back of the image

Mario Rotllant and Agustín Santolaya presented in an unprecedented tasting the evolution of Bodegas La Horra five years after its launch.

Avoid exessive wood, over extraction and over ripening are the keys to success of CORIMBO, getting an elegant and fresh Ribera del Duero.

Five years after the launch of the project in Ribera del Duero, with the experience and knowledge of Bodegas Roda, it was presented in Madrid the evolution of Bodegas LA HORRA in a tasting with the vintages 2009, 2010 and 2011 of CORIMBO and CORIMBO I, accompanied with the gastronomy of the restaurant El Paraguas.

Mario Rotllant, co-owner of Bodegas Roda and La Horra explained: "a few years ago we decided to start a new adventure to get deeper into the tempranillo from Ribera del Duero. We had the knowledge and experience of Bodegas RODA with this variety, its technical capacity and distribution network. Always with our philosophy to make wines with aging potential characterized by its elegance, and to be enjoyed from the time it is sold. The evolution over the years has been very positive, because today Bodegas LA HORRA with CORIMBO has reached 35 countries and the Spanish market represents 40% of its sales. The most important international markets for the winery are UK, with 8,5%; Switzerland, with 7%; United States, with 5,5%; Germany, with 4,5% and China with 4,5%."

Present and future of Bodegas LA HORRA

During the presentation, the key areas of the company were analyzed: the evolution of viticulture, knowledge of growing areas and the consolidation of farms; confirming the style of wines from the winery; the settlement of the lines of I+D+i; market developments at national and international levels; and the development plan for the entire project.

Agustín Santolaya, CEO of Bodegas Roda and LA HORRA detailed the reasons why they chose that area. "When we were designing the project of Ribera del Duero we decided to choose the environment of La Horra for its old vineyards, deep soils where the sands are mixed with calcic horizons and clay funds, and the cooler climate of the northern area of Ribera. In our short experience in Ribera del Duero we have had the opportunity to develop six vintages and we are convinced that it was the right choice. La Horra and its surroundings form the heart of the Ribera del Duero, Burgos, area where the "tinta del país" reaches the expression that we want; race, life and finesse at the same time, besides aging potential.

We have 50 hectares of vineyards on the best places in the area: 10 vineyards older than 50 years old that are used for CORIMBO I, 30 vineyards of 25 years old that are used for CORIMBO, and the rest are young plantations that still do not come to the winery."

The wine style

 Agustín Santolaya explained the uniqueness of CORIMBO. "There are three lines that have marked his birth: avoid excessive wood, over extraction and over ripening. We try that the landscape of Ribera del Duero can be drunk in a transparent way"

Two wines are elaborated in Bodegas LA HORRA: CORIMBO and CORIMBO I. Coming from vines of 25 years on average, CORIMBO is a wine of good intensity, with red and black fruit, mainly cherries and blackberries. The wood is very good integrated with the fruit respecting and providing nice creamy notes. Also appears aromatic plants of pine. On the palate, the fruit is present with a feeling of freshness of ripe cherry, blackberry notes of blackberries adn fine tannins. On the other hand, CORIMBO I, from vines over 50 years, is characterized by black fruit. The nose is deep and highly complex, with notes of chocolate and sweet spice herbs culminating in the finest sense of violets. While suggesting the taste of black and red fruit, in the mouth feels like air, delicate, expressive, large, elegant, fresh and complex.

Settlement of the lines of I+D+i

Bodegas LA HORRA has worked on two lines of research. The first has been the study of tannins and extraction methods to avoid the astringency, collaborating with the University of Salamanca. The second, which is currently working, is a project of enormous depth in which biodiversity of "tinta del país" is being recovered in eight municipalities around La Horra.

During two years of work, 421 strains in the oldest vineyards of the area have been selected. This spring, Bodegas LA HORRA will plant in the fields of testing 120 different forms of tempranillo that are free of viruses and represent the reality of the oldest vineyards in the region. As Santolaya says, "in this great Noah´s Ark are the solutions for future problems of viticulture, and now we work selecting a group of plants that are able to successfully meet the rigors of climate change."

Mario Rotllant remarked that "RODA, in all humility, we were the pioneers 25 years ago when we revaluated the old vineyards in Rioja, enter the sorting table in the apellation of origin, re-use wooden vats in the Stainless era, and carry out the malolactic fermentations in French oak barrels. Since 1998, when RODA began to have positive results, it has invested an average of 7% of turnover in I+D+i. Bodegas LA HORRA in the last two years has invested 15% and we remain committed to the research, it is our vocation as a company"

Market development

Agustín Santolaya highlighted forecasts sales figures. "In 2014 the turnover was 55.000 bottles and we expect to close 2015 with 72.000 bottles sold; 98.000 in 2016 and 115.000 in 2017. The approximate retail price of CORIMBO in the Spanish market is 20€ adn 40€ for CORIMBO I."

Development plan

In 2009 the first phase of the winery for the production area in the future was built, within the final building, will become the area to dress the bottles, shipment and final product. By 2015 the construction of another area is planned, which initially will be used for aging and the bottle area, with an investment of 700.000€, and that, its final used will be dedicated to the viticulture area. 

The final winery, whose project is now completed, is expected to start in 2018.

Bodegas LA HORRA

In April 2009, Bodegas LA HORRA was founded in hand with Bodegas Roda and the brothers Pedro and Pablo Balbás. Located in the municipality of La Horra (Burgos), on a farm of 20 acres located between pine forests in the south of Monte Villalobón, two kilometres west of the village, produces two wines with fine red variety: CORIMBO, produced with 25 year old vineyards, and CORIMBO I, produced with 50 year old vineyards.

The 50 hectares of vineyards are cultivated with the  utmost respect for the environment, along the lines of organic viticulture. The goal is to produce wines that are a true reflection of the landscape of the Ribera del Duero from Burgos, bringing elegance and freshness to the characteristic strength of the "tinta del país" in the region. Moreover, I+D+i is one of the main lines of work of the wineries. 




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