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Christmas case of Bodegas Roda and Bodegas La Horra with two bottles of Rioja, RODA 2009 and RODA I 2007; and with two bottles of Ribera del Duero: CORIMBO 2011 and CORIMBO I 2010

Bodegas RODA and Bodegas LA HORRA propose for this Christmas a tour for the vineyards of Rioja and Ribera del Duero through an exclusive pack with four great wines: RODA 2009, RODA I 2007, CORIMBO 2011 and CORIMBO I 2010. A luxury present that will enjoy the wine lovers and will allow them to appreciate the differences between two great wines of Rioja and two of Ribera del Duero, four wines and four different styles, but always faithful to the philosophy of Bodegas RODA.

Rioja vs Ribera del Duero - Bodegas RODA vs Bodegas LA HORRA

Bodegas RODA in the DOCa Rioja has managed to obtain complex and elegant wines, principally, thanks to the soils and the influence of the three climates of the region, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental and also thanks to the rigorous work to get wines with well-polished tannins. In Bodegas LA HORRA in the DO Ribera del Duero, the predominant climate is the Continental, with a considerable change of temperature between day and night, characteristic which results in very aromatic wines, more racial and with more structure.

RODA 2009 (DOCa Rioja) is a wine (89% tempranillo and 11% graciano) that is characterised by the balance and elegance, on nose is very intense with a good integration of the oak. It can be appreciated the red fruit in the ripe cherry range, with the black and fresh nuances and a very pleasant floral sensation of fresh violets and a fine hint of scrub herbs. It has a good volume, with the presence in the mouth of the vintages of perfect ripening. Intense ripe cherries, yet keeping the freshness. With fine tannins, long and fresh reservation. Great example of a year of Mediterranean ripening in the most Atlantic area of Rioja. A wine that invites us to taste it again and again which combines perfectly with a great variety of fishes and meats of the Christmas delicacies.

RODA I 2007 (DOCa Rioja) is made exclusively with Tempranillo, it is an elegant and complex wine with silky tannins and good volume that persists throughout the mouth without diminishing. The fruit is very complex and spicy, moving through the mouth before finishing with an explosion of freshness. On nose is fine and very intense, with the waves of Atlantic freshness typical of vintages from the high westerly areas of La Rioja, these waves of aroma release alternating impressions of red and black fruit, cherry and plum. It is appreciated fine and fresh spices and damp earth sensation that provides a reminder of minerality, cocoa and plum.

CORIMBO 2011 (DO Ribera del Duero) is 100% tinta del país in which is emphasised the balance, elegance and finesse, a long wine that shows the landscape of Ribera del Duero in the area of Burgos in an excellent vintage marked by warm summer but with glints of freshness of red fruits. On nose is a wine with good intensity, with red and black fruits, mainly cherries and blackberries. The oak is very well integrated, respecting the fruit and provides a very pleasant creamy note, it appears the usual aromatic plants of the pine, such as rockrose, lavender and marjoram. In the mouth, the fruit is present with the fresh feeling of the well ripe cherry and the notes of blackberries. Very fine tannins that predict an evolution towards the silk. 

CORIMBO I 2010 (DO Ribera del Duero) is a wine 100% tinta del país of a deep and great complexity vintage. The black fruit rounds off the minerality of an excellent soil in La Horra. The oak is almost imperceptible, emphasizing the notes which come from the vineyard. Chocolate hints with aromatic herbs and sweet spices. Floral feeling of very fine violets. Freshness in the vineyards. In the mouth is delicate, expressive. Voluminous and elegant, fresh and complex. Silky tannins. A magnificent vintage of Ribera del Duero in the area of Burgos with an exclusive finesse. Black and some red fruits, fine cream and flowers. The greatness of the wines that offer an ethereal landscape in the glass. A magnificent vintage that passionate.


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