R&D projects


Scientific research, development and technological innovation (R & D) are key points in the business strategy of Bodegas La Horra

ASTRINO is an individual R&D project that aims to adapt the organoleptic qualities of the wines of Bodegas LA HORRA to the tastes and demands of current consumers, through the study of viticultural practices and natural oenological conditions, which allow modulating and reducing the astringency of its high-end red wines, improving their taste perception. The initiative has a global budget of € 372,752 and the planned actions will take place from July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019.
Proyecto Astrino RODA
Tecnicas viticolas proyecto RODA
Study of wine and winemaking techniques
Study of wine and winemaking techniques to reduce the perception of tannicity in quality wines made with Tempranillo in Ribera del Duero
The main objective of this project is to reduce the perception of astringency in the red wines of Ribera without losing the rest of its positive organoleptic qualities such as its high coloring intensity, sensation of structure and body, and enormous intensity and aromatic complexity. The project has the collaboration of USAL, which studies the phenolic profile of the Ink of the Country of Ribera del Duero and its evolution throughout maturation; as well as the influence of phenolic maturity on the perception of astringency. It would be a question of designing a new red wine from Ribera de Duero adapted to the tastes of the consumer.
Selection of biotypes and creation of a Tinta del País germplasm bank in Ribera del Duero with biodynamic methodology
During the last century there has been an increase in the loss of agricultural biodiversity on a global scale. On the one hand, the current temperature evolution in the northern hemisphere clearly shows a global warming trend. These facts, together with a growing interest in the production and consumption of natural, ecological and biodynamic products lead Bodegas La Horra to design and develop the project called BIOGERM 2013.