Corimbo, Bodegas La Horra

Bodegas La Horra Viñedo

La Horra project

In search of the best lands for the cultivation of
Tempranillo outside of La Rioja. We decided to chose
the La Horra environment for its old vineyards.

Bodegas LA HORRA begins the expansion works with its new winery

Carme Pinós signs the new project designed under sustainability criteria and integrated into the landscape, in which Vértice21 Ingeniería also participates. The execution of the project will be carried out by the construction company Inexo. The construction of this new winery is a work of great importance for the RODA Group, which began the Bodegas LA HORRA project in 2009 and is now ending with the construction of the final winery.


2016, the new vintage of CORIMBO I.
An intense wine, full of fruits.
Very expresive, with with perfectly integrated wood.

R&D Projects

For BODEGAS LA HORRA, the scientific research, the development and technological innovation are a bet for the future.
The winery develops several lines of research: the first was the study of tannins and extraction methods to avoid astringency; then came BIOGERM, a project of enormous significance that seeks to recover the biodiversity of Tinta del País in the surroundings of La Horra, and the last was ASTRINO, a project whose objective is wines with friendly tannins, through the study of viticultural practices and natural oenological conditions.