100% with the Tinta del País, an organic viticulture
Wine made 100% with the Tinta del País variety grown from an organic viticulture with bush vineyards and without irrigation located in the surroundings of La Horra and Roa de Duero (Burgos) for 25 to 30 years on average.
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The end of autumn was cold, with some snowfall in November, which heralded a harsh winter that ultimately turned out to be quite the opposite. The start of the year was warm and dry, with abnormally high temperatures in February and total lack of rain, reaching 22 degrees some day in February and almost 23 in March.

April brought a bit of a truce with rain and a drop in temperature, which favored the accumulation of water in the soil. Sprouting around May 2nd and slight frosts the week of May 6th, cold and dry spring, which delayed the cycle a bit.

On June 3rd there was a small hailstorm that minimally affected the vineyard. During flowering there was wind, which together with the strong heat wave at the end of June, favored millerandage. July was very warm, recording all-time highs in the area.

There was a storm two days before the harvest began, but thanks to millerandage, it barely affected the health of the plant.

Year of little production, with small and continuous bunches and a lot of quality.

Precipitation: 398.9 mm.



100% Tinta del País (Tempranillo)


Small plots in La Horra, Roa and nearby villages in Burgos.

Age of the vineyards:

Bush vines with an average age of 20 years


Hand-picked in 16 kg crates and hand sorted at the winery


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats, followed by malolactic fermentation i French oak barrels


14 months in barrique, 80% French and 20% American


Natural methods


Lyophilized egg white

Alcohol content:

14% Vol.


Carton cases of 6 bottles


Bottles of 75cl.



With an intense layer and a cherry red colour. The rim is bright red.


Very intense with notes of fruit, blackberry and cherry, among the aromas of aromatic plants under the pine forest. The oak is impeccably assembled. It is very complex and delicate.


Voluminous, elegant and with a lot of finesse. Fruits and aromatic herbs form a harmonious and very delicate set. Cherry and blackberry stand out, on a background of marjoram and cistus. There is a certain sweetness that comes from a warm and excellent vintage. Refreshing balsamic notes appear reminiscent of mint and marshmallow. The touch is very pleasant and there is a perception of high quality fine and sweet tannins that give it life. Excellent CORIMBO, possibly the best we have produced.

The 2019 vintage has been magnificent and is evident in this wine.


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