100% with the Tinta del País, an organic viticulture
Wine made 100% with the Tinta del País variety grown from an organic viticulture with bush vineyards and without irrigation located in the surroundings of La Horra and Roa de Duero (Burgos) for 25 to 30 years on average.
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The 2017 vintage was the earliest we have had at Bodegas La Horra. There were two main reasons: low production and the weather conditions of the cycle.

The meteorological phenomenon that marked the vintage was the brutal advent frost of the night of April 27th – 28th. The entry of a mass cold air will end a period of more than 7 hours below 0oC, with peaks of -3oC in some areas.

Production was severely affected because budding had been early due to the high temperatures at the beginning of April. In terms of rainfall, the year was very dry and quite warm. These circumstances, together with the small amount of harvest, meant that the harvest was brought forward. It is worth noting the thermal amplitude of the maturation period, with a great difference between the temperatures of the night and the day.

The situation of little harvest, dry weather and thermal amplitude gave concentrated grapes with a good load of polyphenols and excellent health status.



100% Tinta Fino (Tempranillo)

Grape sourcing:

Small plots in La Horra, Roa and nearby villages in Burgos. Bush vines with an average age of 20 years.


Hand-picked in 16kg crates and hand sorted at the winery.


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in stainless Steel vats, followed by malolactic fermentation in French oak foudres.


14 months in barrique, 80% French and 20% American.


Natural methods


Lyophilized egg White

Alcohol content:

14,5% Vol.



It has medium-high layer with a dark red background and red rim.


Intense and complex with notes of pine forest and aromatic herbs in the clearings of the pine forest. The plum and the cherry are the protagonists, and the blackberry stands out behind them. There are sensations of spices and moist earth and the notes of red and black fruits appear between them.


It is voluminous and full, filling the palate widely. There is a lot of expressiveness and complexity in his registers. The fruity notes come out together with the earth and the aromatic plants. The tannin is sweet and of very good quality, although it is still present, giving the whole an important structure. There is power and elegance at the same time, and leaves an imprint of freshness. It is a faithful representation of the 2017 vintage, a year of spring frost, with low production and concentrated wines, with a higher volume than usual in CORIMBO.


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